Ragamuffin Soulcast 03.06.06 - Show #6
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*X Music is clip from A Ragamuffin Christmas by The Carlos Whittaker Band
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* Every once in a while you find a kin spirit. he is one.
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Eastgate Fellowship : I am the youth pastor at a laid back surf church in Panama City. The youth meet all the time but we get together 'officially' on Sunday's at 6pm.
Autumnfades Media is a company that I co-own with my bro Ray Wilcox. We are a video production, photography, web, and graphic design firm.
Agony & Angels is the ministry arm of autumnfades media. A+A exists so that I can discover my dream of making documentary films that lift the human spirit while searching film and television for biblically based truths.

* Posts on Ministry, Life, Film, Faith, and Mohawk Jesus
wedge Post - Chapter 1 "Born to the Broken"
* I am the bastard son of an addict. I realize that is a fairly dramatic statement, however I am who I am, and I figure I had better come clean right from the get go so you can stop reading now if your already offended. I am not a perfect person who will fill these pages with flowery text in the hopes to make you feel warm and fuzzy. I am also not a writer, so how you got a copy of this is anybody’s guess. It will most likely get far worse from here so you have two choices. Flap close the cover, and walk away, or hold on, and prepare to get pile driven.

I used to think that there was something wrong with me because I didn’t have a mommy and a daddy. I remember stepping up to the plate in little league and glancing over to the bleachers and absolutely knowing beyond any shadow of a doubt that my father would not be in the stands and yet hoping like the dickens that he would be. I would sometimes cry myself to sleep wishing I had a dad to teach me how to fix my bike, or play some catch with or to call me ‘champ’. I always thought there was something wrong with me, come to find out, there is something wrong with pretty much the whole world.
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wedge Aaron Shust - Matchless
* Simple yet powerful melody line
* Descriptive Lyrics on The Name Of Jesus Christ
* Your name is matchless, Your name is priceless,
Your name means more than I could know
You're so far above me, the way that You love me
goes further than any love could go
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wedge We got a call in album review from The Vineyard Church in ...
* Review - Salvation Is Here from Hillsongs
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* If you are not going to see live music you will soon be irrelevant.
* What live shows have you seen?
* I try to make it out once a month to a show. Kids!!
* Study the themes and styles and who is listening.
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* Seriously. You MUST move. I won't even kid anymore. It is FAR SUPERIOR
* Steve Jobs is YEARS ahead of Microsoft. It's going to be a risk.
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* Everything makes sense.
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wedge Email from Beau Christian
wedge I do however have a question that once answered you might be able to share it to
your listening world.
If you download a song that you plan to distrubate to your band members for
sunday how do you get around the piracy laws if only one copy is purchased?
There can be many spin offs of this question that you might want to answer
too. Like, you have your license to share music however I was told by a
church member of a seperate church (Pathway in Redlands) that the christian
music license doesn't allow for the sharing of actual music.

Beau Christian

wedge Blog Comment from Marty Longoria somewhere in Texas
* just wanted you to know i just started listening to you, on your soulcast. great stuff, i am from texas i won't to thank you for your passion for worship. i just got a new imac(it rocks) if no one guess the movie "short circut" johnnie 5 is alive!! kinda random huh?

i have been search for a new place to worship please pray, i identify with the emerging church movement. you are ministering to me thanks

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* Phil Ayers from Bald Worship Leader.com Winner
wedge Second Call
* Chris McNeil - Going 90 down the 90 freeway.
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